SIA DEK Systems is a company that specializes in the energy sector, offering the best and most innovative engineering solutions from the market-leading equipment and related technological equipment manufacturers, from the idea to its implementation.

The company will be able to provide you with simple consulting assistance in certain issues related to energy production solutions or energy efficiency issues, as well as assistance in the implementation of complex projects "on a turnkey basis", including ensuring the actual implementation of such projects or as an expert representing the customer and its interests in ensuring comprehensive project management.

With the aim of offering a quality and customer support service in the energy sector, SIA DEK Systems was founded in 2011 by combining the experience, knowledge and understanding of three company members about the principles and operating conditions of energy efficient and high-quality energy production technological equipment.

     Our customers are both heat supply companies and companies in any other industry that need help and solutions to increase the energy efficiency of existing technological equipment and related technological equipment and increase energy security, or to create new energy buildings in line with modern best practices.